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Meet the Tradition In our Cretan Excursions

Safari Experts Crete jeep tours take you on an off road adventure in all its authenticity, giving you a taste of the Cretan traditional way of life and guide you through the best things you can do in Crete. 

We follow trails of history across rugged landscapes, where we’ll witness the island’s natural beauty and wildlife in all its splendour. We will travel back in time, experiencing the genuine hospitality of the locals, who will give you a taste of their everyday life, far away from our modern world.

You will be able to experience yourselves how Cretan villages hold to the traditions while travelling through a gastronomic fairyland that traditional food in Crete has to offer you. After all that said there is only one question left. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience by the best Safari club in Crete.


Safari Experts Crete
Explore with us the wild side of Crete as you had not imagined it. Live a complete experience that will be unforgettable. Meet first-hand the traditional life of Cretans and reach one of the highest mountains of Crete. This day will be full of surprises and you will surely see breathtaking landscapes.
It combined both the view of the imposing mountains and the charm of the beaches of Southern Crete. Meet the traditional life of cretan villages, take photos with panoramic views of unique gorges and ended up in beautiful beaches with blue waters. Explore destinations that will enchant you and memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.
Safari Experts Crete | Sunset route
Enjoy Cretan sunset at the top of the mountain while drinking prosecco & eating local fruits. Visit the traditional monastery of St. George of Selinari, known to people for the miracle of healing the sick, which lies at the side of the gorge of Selinari. After watching the sunset, get ready to enjoy traditional dinner in Vrachasi made and served by locals.
For those who know what they seek in their vacations, join Safari Experts Crete. We are here to help you and recommend you the best places in Crete based on your needs. In Safari Experts our goal is to give you an authentic Cretan experience while making sure that you are going to enjoy it to the fullest.
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